Transfer times

Frequently asked questions on pick-ups and drop-offs, coordination with flights, how to choose the latest departure from home.

What is the difference between the soonest pick-up time and the latest drop-off time?

The soonest pick-up time is the soonest time we can pick you up at your departure location. In case of transfers from the airport, the soonest pick-up time is NOT when your plane lands, but the earliest time we can pick you up at the airport.

The latest drop-off time is the latest time you need to arrive to your destination. In case of transfers to the airport, the latest drop-off time is NOT the time of your plane's take off, but the latest time you need to arrive to the airport so you still have enough time to check in and board the plane.

Should I choose the latest drop-off time or the soonest pick-up time?

Regardless of the direction of your journey, you should first consider your time limits before choosing either of the options. In general, if you need to arrive at your destination by a certain time limit (to catch a plane, to arrive on time at an event), you should probably choose the latest time you need to arrive at your destination to make sure you arrive early enough. However, if you need a transfer from the airport to your home, or you cannot depart from your departure location until a certain hour, you should probably choose the soonest time we can pick you up.

What latest drop-off time should I choose to make sure I don’t miss my flight?

The time needed to check in and board a plane varies from person to person and also depends on the size of the airport and other factors. Based on previous experience, we recommend you to arrive to the airport between an hour and a half to 2 hours before your flight. Example: if your plane departs at 10 am, the latest drop-off time can be between 8 am and 8:30 am, but this is only a recommendation.

What soonest pick-up time should I choose if my plane arrives at 7 am?

The soonest pick-up time depends on the time you need to get off the plane, pick-up your luggage and come to the pick-up location. If the airport is big and you have many pieces of luggage, you will probably need more time to reach our vehicle. We generally recommend a pick-up time between half an hour to 1 hour later than the expected landing of your plane. Example: If your plane lands at 7 am, the soonest pick-up time can be 7:30 am or 8 am.

Please make sure you select an appropriate soonest pick-up time. If your plane arrives at 7 am and you select the soonest pick-up time at 11 am, we cannot pick you up earlier than 11 am, so you are responsible for waiting the 4 extra hours. Please also bear in mind that the soonest pick-up time is NOT the time of your plane’s landing. The time of the soonest pick-up must always be later than the time of your plane’s arrival.

I need to arrive at the airport by 8 pm, but I cannot depart before 4 pm. Can I still book a Shared transfer?

When making a booking, please be careful not to select a transfer which exceeds your time limits. To book a transfer within you time limits, first select the latest drop-off time at 8 pm. In the second step of the booking process, choose an option with the departure or the departure time interval set later than 4 pm.

I want to book a transfer but I don't know my flight time. What can I do?

Please wait until you know the exact time of your flight before you make a booking.

The other option is to book a very early transfer to make sure you do not miss your flight, but that means you might arrive at the airport much earlier than necessary.